The U.S. Department of Energy has given us this opportunity to show the world how we can advance affordable and sustainable housing, but we cannot do it without your support! We have task of raising over $500,000 to make this once in a lifetime possibility a reality. Your contribution will not only advance public higher education and alternative energy solutions, it will give us the chance to enlighten masses that will enter our home and leave knowing that change is possible.

In addition to web and media exposure, another exciting opportunity for sponsors of Team Massachusetts has become available. Thanks to the City of Boston, the team will be constructing, testing, and exhibiting the 4D Home in the Marine Industrial park in Boston's Innovation District this summer. All sponsors of Team Massachusetts will have the opportunity for signage at the Boston Build Site, gaining exposure not only to energy industry professionals, educators and students from all over New England, and also the many tourists coming from the nearby cruise terminal.

Sponsorship details can be downloaded here: sponsorship_details.pdf (PDF 217KB). If you don't have a PDF reader, please download it here.

Contact Chelsea Kelley if you are interested in supporting Team Massachusetts.
617 721 6452

After days and nights of shooting on site at the Solar Decathlon, our photographer has posted progress photos to the team flickr account: Take a look! Also check out our new flickr tab in the left side bar of the Solar Decathlon-Team Massachusetts FaceBook page.
September 16th, before the PVs are installed

September 16th, before the PVs are installed


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